Kids for Kindness

Kids for Kindness

Kids for Kindness

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28 Day Challenge

When it comes to our children we have different dreams for them, but ultimately we hope they will be kind.


This challenge helps teach our younger generation that being kind is important, by committing to do an act of kindness each day.

Make a list of different ways to be kind. Each day remind your little person about kindness and ask them what their act of kindness was each day before bedtime.

You can even commit to this challenge as a family/bubble. We’d love to hear about your acts of kindness, and we’ll be emailing encouragement throughout the 28 days.

At the end of the challenge, reward your child with the fabulous “Kids for Kindness” medal and remind them of how proud you are of their kindness.

If you would like to buy medals for a school, nursery or a group, that is great! We offer a group discount, please email for more information.