I Learned to Sign

I Learned to Sign

I Learned to Sign

(Including postage & packaging)
28 Day Challenge

Challenge yourself to learn how to sign a letter of the alphabet each day.


For a more difficult challenge, learn to sign the names of 10 people within 28 days, or a new word each day for 28 days. If you’re already more experienced, set your own challenge – we’d love to hear what you’re learning!

We’ll be emailing you encouragement throughout your challenge. Why not learn to sign along with your family/friends/bubble?

If you’d like to help motivate others in the Award City community, feel free to share photos of yourself completing the challenge, so you can cheer each other on.

At the end of 28 days, let us know your challenge is complete and feel a big sense of achievement when your exclusive “I Learned to Sign” medal arrives!

If you would like to buy medals for a school, nursery or a group, that is great! We offer a group discount, please email hello@awardcity.co.uk for more information.