Move Dance Challenge

Move Dance Challenge

Move Dance Challenge

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365 Day Challenge

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We can barely contain our excitement as we introduce the Move Dance Challenge led by Sam Craske and Nathan Ramsay from Diversity. 


The Diversity boys will deliver monthly tutorial videos. The challenge is to learn their choreography and add a little bit of your own if you wish (but please remember videos are to be no longer than 30 seconds). When you are happy with your performance, record it and submit your videos to the evidence page. You will have the opportunity to decide whether you wish to opt-in to the competition element.

This challenge runs from January to November 2021. 5 winners from each month will win a Move Dance Challenge hoodie and will qualify to enter the annual final in December. In December, the 11 short pieces of choreography will be linked together into one longer routine, and each finalist will video themselves performing it. The public will vote for their favourites. The top 24 dancers will win a day at the Diversity studio for a 2-hour workshop led by Sam Craske and Nathan Ramsay!

This is a dance challenge like no other: everyone who takes part will receive that month’s ‘Move’ medal – and the medals are pretty awesome. You can enter the challenge for as many months as you like from January to November, and collect a medal for every month you take part in.

This is your time to shine and showcase your talent to the world!

If you would like to buy medals for a school, nursery or a group, that is great! We offer a group discount, please email for more information.