Declutter Your World

Declutter Your World

Declutter Your World

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28 Day Challenge

Is the clutter in your world draining your energy or causing you to feel stressed? Have you been putting off decluttering, but know it would increase your energy levels and improve your mood if you did it?


Award City are challenging you to Declutter Your World! This could be your home, your workplace, your garden or even your thoughts and relationships. Commit to clearing the clutter from your life in 28 days – maybe tackle a small amount each day.

We’ll be encouraging you throughout the 28 days. We want you to feel unburdened, and energised by your new lack of clutter!

You can even commit to Declutter Your World as a family/bubble. Please stay safe and follow any applicable government guidance.

Remember to take a photo of your space before you start and when you finish your challenge, so you can see what a difference you’ve made. Feel free to share your photos with us, and if you give permission we’ll publish our favourites on social media too!

After 28 days give yourself a massive pat on the back and put your feet up. You’ll receive the exclusive ‘Declutter Your World’ medal as an accolade of your fine work in completing the challenge.

If you would like to buy medals for a school, nursery or a group, that is great! We offer a group discount, please email for more information.