Commit to be Fit

Commit to be Fit

Commit to be Fit

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28 Day Challenge

Make a commitment to yourself to exercise every day for 28 days. You choose the amount of time you exercise for each day. It can be anything from yoga or walking to running or sports – it’s up to you! We’ll be encouraging you every step of the way.


You can even Commit To Be Fit with your family, friends or bubble – please remember to follow social distancing rules and applicable government guidance regarding team sports.

If you’d like to help motivate others in the Award City community, feel free to share photos of yourself completing the challenge, and cheer each other on virtually.

At the end of 28 days, we hope you’ll feel fitter and stronger. Let us know when your challenge is complete, and feel a big sense of achievement when your exclusive “Commit to be Fit” medal arrives!

If you would like to buy medals for a school, nursery or a group, that is great! We offer a group discount, please email for more information.