But First Cake

But First Cake

But First Cake

(Including postage & packaging)
28 Day Challenge

We are challenging you to get creative with your cake baking and decorating skills!


You may choose a theme (such as low calorie cakes, chocolate cakes, cake decoration, children’s cakes, etc.) Whatever you choose to do, set your challenge and get ready to bake. We’ll be sending encouragement throughout your challenge to help keep you motivated.

If there are other bakers in your family/bubble, why not get them involved and join the challenge together for a family, fun-filled cake off!

Let us know once your challenge is complete, and we’ll send you the fabulously fancy “But First Cake” medal.

Get ready, set, bake and decorate…piece of cake!

Don’t forget to tag us in your photos on social media; we can’t wait to see photos of your delicious creations!


If you would like to buy medals for a school, nursery or a group, that is great! We offer a group discount, please email hello@awardcity.co.uk for more information.