Move Dance Challenges

Led by Sam Craske and Nathan Ramsay, The Diversity boys will deliver monthly tutorial videos. The challenge is to learn their choreography and add a little bit of your own if you wish, record it and submit your videos. Enter month by month or buy all 11 months for a BIG discount.

The top 24 dancers will win a day at the Diversity studio for a 2-hour workshop led by Sam Craske and Nathan Ramsay!

TMH Makeup Challenges

Led by leading industry professional Charley Westwood from The Makeup House. Charley will set monthly challenges and each month she will be tasking you with a fresh new look. When you are happy with your look, video it and submit your entry.

Winners are chosen by public vote and 1 person from each month will win a 1 day make up course with Charley and her team at The Makeup House.

Yearly Challenges

Brand New for 2021 Award City bring you a competitive dimension to the way we challenge you.

Adults Medal Challenges

Check out Award City’s wide selection of 28-day challenges; there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Kids Medal Challenges

Various challenges are suitable for all ages and some are designed specifically with children in mind.