Declutter Your World

If you’ve had chance to check out our selection of 28-day virtual challenges, you might have seen ‘Declutter Your World’. There are so many reasons why we’re super excited about this challenge at Award City HQ. We hope we can motivate you to clear the clutter from your life!

So, let’s talk about decluttering.

Whether it’s your vehicle, storage, garage, a drawer or cupboard, one room or even your entire home you want to declutter, you can rise to the challenge with Award City!

We want to motivate you to get started – this is often the hardest part, right? You could even begin with committing to just 5 minutes a day, to help make it feel a bit less daunting.

We’ve got some ideas to help you begin:

  • Write down what you want to declutter in your world.
  • Take some ‘before’ pictures, so you can look back and compare them to your fabulous ‘after’ pictures later!
  • Find something that’s been left lying around and put it away in its proper place.
  • If you have a pile of paperwork, sort through it and recycle what you can.
  • Ask a friend or family member for help (being sure to follow any government guidance and social distancing rules, of course).
  • Put a bag/box in the bottom of your wardrobe so it’s easy to collect up clothes you no longer wear.
  • Organise just one kitchen cupboard.
  • Clear the top of a chest of drawers or bedside table.
  • Go through your bathroom cabinet. Anything out of date? Dispose of it safely.
  • Can you think of something you haven’t used in a year? Is it something you could donate? Or even sell it online and perhaps make more money than the challenge cost you (a little bonus challenge there!)

Here at Award City we’d love to hear all your best tips for decluttering – we hope you’ll share your ideas on our social media, and maybe you’ll inspire others too:




‘Declutter Your World’ is available from and includes P&P.

At the end of the challenge, we want you to feel energised by your new lack of clutter!